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Excellence Center

At the Academy’s Center of Excellence we place emphasis on advanced personal training in small groups (up to 6 players per coach), in a functional method where players enjoy personal training with a former national team star and a technique and coordination coach. They go through three stations of training and coaches every practice- first a physiological strengthening workout specifically build for football, then a technique and coordination station and last a practice with a former national football team player. Our goal is to improve technical capabilities, instinct reaction and orientation in space. In addition, we work with an athletic trainer who strengthens specific physical abilities needed for football. We offer nutritional support, game analysis and periodic examinations of individual performance to enable each trainee to build a personal improvement program.

Training schedule

Preparation camps for the season

Open fitness camp for the most effective return to the field
Open camp for 3 weeks, 3 times a week that combines field training and athletics at sea – in June and July.

International training camps

Cooperation with Frank Gerster, Ex Bayren Munich and coach in the Eintracht Frankfurt Academy

Eintracht Frankfurt concentrated academy camps or excellence canter in Portugal with former Barcelona coaches
Personal camp with Frank Gerster including personal training and integration in the Bundesliga academy training according to age and capabilities.

Examinations and Tests

Technical athletic tests

technological examinations in advanced methods.

Nutritional examination

creating a personalized diet for professional athletes

Orthopedic examinations

identifying and analyzing weakness points and building a personal strengthening plan.

Mental tests

creating a personal achievement plan for every period.


The Academy of Football Excellence in Israel, under the professional management of Eric Bando, is a leading excellence center for personal training in small groups at Hadar Yosef Sports Center. The academy aims to create a professional format of training that envelops the young footballer in all aspects, physically and mentally, giving him the opportunity to develop in the closest way to Europe. It offers training of all kinds, with a specific football specialty, including objective counseling for free.

The main purpose of the academy is to develop the capabilities and performance of young Israeli footballers.

Arik Bendo – Former captain of the Israeli national team and coach of Maccabi Haifa and the young Israeli national team.

Kfir Alfonta – coordination specialist and technique coach, coached at Maccabi Tel Aviv for about 8 years.

Ofer Doron – Hapoel Tel Aviv fitness coach, with a master’s degree in physical education from Wingate.

Rakefet Arieli – the leading sports nutritionist in the country, worked with Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball, Beitar Jerusalem Football and more.

Target Institute – Avichai Soroka, phd. Orthopedic diagnosis by sports physiotherapists.

Michael Zandberg and Yossi Shivhon – head coaches at the academy.

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